Diet Pill Ninja TypingFor more than 10 years, the Ninja worked behind the scenes ghostwriting reviews and articles for diet pill review sites. To date, he’s written more than 3,000  diet pill reviews.

The Ninja’s hands were always tied. His clients told him which reviews had to be positive and which products he had to say were no good.

His clients were affiliate marketers. Their “good products” were the ones they could make money from, often getting commission payments of more than 40% for each sale they generated.

The products the Ninja had to say were no good were the ones his clients could not cash-in on.

These sites were presented as being unbiased and run by individuals who only wanted to share their knowledge and help people lose weight. There was no honor. There was too much deception and the Ninja grew to hate his work.

Now the Ninja has his own site. There is nobody telling him what to say and his hands are no longer tied. He can tell the truth.

Due to former contracts and arrangements, the Ninja has to keep his identity secret. Revealing his name would bring his former clients and their sites into bad repute.

As with the sites his former clients are running, the Ninja’s site contains affiliate links. However, if the Ninja says he believes a product is good, it really has to be good. If he finds problems with a product he lets people know. If he finds rumors of scams and discovers a lot of customer complaints he will do that too.

It is the Ninja’s hope that his site will become successful but he does not expect it to make him rich. He’s found many of the best diet pills are quite cheap and pay very little commission at all.

A lot of them are the type of products his clients would tell him to slam. Simple, honest products that get the job done.

Some expensive diet pills work well too. The Ninja knows that but they are not always worth the extra cost. He’s also aware many of the products you see on those “Best Diet Pill” lists you see on so many sites are not very good at all.

They are the diet pills that pay the best affiliate commission, not the ones that give dieters the best level of support.

Everything written on this site comes from the Diet Pill Ninja. The opinions he expresses are his own and he hopes the advice he provides is helpful to anyone and everyone who visits his site due to a desire to lose weight in a safe and effective way.

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