Anaca3+ Fat Burner (Anaca3 +Brûler de Graisses) is a French diet pill. It’s part of a range of Anaca3 weight-management products produced by Nutravalia. It’s an updated version of an earlier product called Anaca3 Fat Burner.

Nutravalia is based in the south of France. It’s an established company that’s been active in the supplement industry since 2015. Nutravalia also owns the French hair care brand Luxéol.

The Anaca3 range of weight loss products has become surprisingly extensive. At the time of this review, it consisted of various types of Anaca3 diet pill, weight loss teabags, a slimming gel that rubs into the stomach, and weight loss shots you add to water and drink.

Thanks to an extremely effective marketing campaign, Anaca3 has become a very well-known weight loss brand in France. Nutravalia is now expanding its reach to other areas of the world and it’s becoming increasingly easy to get Anaca3 diet pills and gels, etc. delivered to the UK.

Although some of the products share similar ingredients, in this review, I’m going to concentrate on Anaca3+ Fat Burner. I’ll also explain the difference between Anaca3+ Fat Burner and Anaca3+ Fat Burner Shot. There’s not a great deal of difference between the two formulations so writing a separate review for Anaca3+ Fat Burner Shot would be a waste of time.


What Is Anaca3+ Brûler de Graisses?

Anaca3+ Brûler de Graisses” translates to “Anaca3+ Fat Burner.” It’s a diet pill that’s designed to help you to lose weight faster by burning more fat than you could with diet and exercise alone.


Anaca3+ Fat Burner: The Promised Benefits

  • Burns fat
  • Oxidizes fat
  • Prevents build-up of fat


How Does Anaca3+ Fat Burner Work?

Bottle of Anaca3+ Fat Bunrer (120 Capsules)Most of the online stores with an English version don’t provide much information about how Anaca3+ Fat Burner is meant to work. The Anaca3 website is not much better and it lacks the option to auto-translate from French to English or other languages site visitors may use.

However, Anaca3+ Fat Burner provides several ingredients that have metabolism-boosting abilities. This gives the formulation theoretical value as a fat burner. I say theoretically because even the best weight loss ingredients won’t offer much value if Anaca3+ Fat Burner does not provide them in sufficient amounts. We’ll take a closer look at the Anaca3+ Fat Burner formulation in the next section of this review and see how strong it is.

Taking diet pills that provide metabolism boosters in effective doses is a good way to burn extra fat. When your metabolism gets faster your body consumes more energy. We measure the amount of energy the body uses in calories.

When you are following a strict diet, the food you eat does not provide your body with enough energy to maintain life and physical activity. Your body has to compensate for the energy shortage by reclaiming the energy stored in its fat.

If Anaca3+ Fat Burner has sufficient potency, its ability to increase metabolism will enhance the energy shortage in the body. This will necessitate the burning of extra fat.


How to Use Anaca3+ Fat Burner

The dose is four capsules per day, taken with a meal. Nutravalia does not stress a particular meal, but the formulation contains caffeine so it may not be a good idea to take the pills with an evening meal. Doing so may interfere with sleep.

Before going any further with this review, I should point out the Anaca3+ Fat Burner formulation contains several sources of caffeine: kola nut, guarana, and green tea. According to the marketing material, collectively, the three ingredients provide 200 mg of caffeine per 4-capsule dose.

That’s less than some diet pills provide but an awful lot more than many others do. Diet pills that provide 200 mg per day, or more, usually provide it split over two or three doses.

Let’s put this into perspective. You would get around 200 mg of caffeine if you drank a couple of cups of standard coffee. Drinking thee espressos would provide you with 225 mg.

Most people don’t drink two coffees or three espressos back to back. If you down four pills, the caffeine is likely to enter your system quite fast. This will increase the chances of jitters, nausea, and other caffeine-related side effects.

If you have a high tolerance for caffeine, and many people do, you should be okay. However, it may be a good idea to begin with one capsule per day so that you can check for side effects.


Anaca3+ Fat Burner: List of Ingredients

Four capsules provide:

  • Papaya Fruit Extract (300 mg)
  • Kola Nut Powder (300 mg)
  • Green Tea Leaf Powder (300 mg)
  • Guarana Seed Extract (300 mg)
  • Curcumin (114 mg)
  • Lemon Fruit Juice Powder (100 mg)
  • Zinc (10 mg)


Ingredient Ability and Blend Potential

Papaya Fruit Extract (300 mg)

Papaya Fruit (Sliced in Two)Although papaya fruit extract appears to be a key player in the Anaca3+ fat-burning formulation, Nutravalia doesn’t explain why it’s there.

Research involving animals suggests the fruit may have an anti-obesity effect but the studies in question involved fruit juice, leaves, seeds, or fruit pulp. Powdered papaya may not pack a similar punch. Even if it does, experts say the relationship between papaya and weight loss requires further study, involving humans.

Papaya is a nutritious fruit. There’s a lot to be said for including it in your diet but using papaya extracts for weight loss has disputable value. It’s not an ingredient you see in any of the top diet pill formulations and there’s probably a good reason for that.

(Learn More About Papayas and Weight Loss at Medical News Today)


Kola Nut Powder (300 mg)

Nutravalia says it included kola nut powder to help with fat burning and promote slimming. It’s a source of caffeine, so it should be able to do that.

Research proves caffeine can increase metabolism. It also causes the body to expend extra energy via thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is a natural process that generates heat within the body. Caffeine turns up the thermostat slightly causing the body to lose extra energy into the air around it.

Caffeine is also a stimulant. It provides extra energy. That makes it useful for controlling diet-related fatigue.

(Caffeine Consumption: Influence on Thermogenesis and Daily Energy Expenditure)


Green Tea Leaf Powder (300 mg)

Green tea is one of the best diet pill ingredients available. Like caffeine, it’s a thermogenic fat burner that boosts metabolism and increases thermogenesis.

Caffeine is also one of the most researched weight loss ingredients in the world. There’s a mountain of research that supports using green tea extracts in this way.

(A Review on the Weight-Loss Effects of Oxidized Tea Polyphenols)


Guarana Seed Extract (300 mg)

Guarana is a tropical berry. It’s a popular supplement ingredient and an occasional inclusion in energy drinks. Its main value is as a source of caffeine.

Although guarana is a potent source of caffeine, it releases it slowly. When guarana is the only source of caffeine, there may be less chance of side effects because the body does not get hit with such a big dose of caffeine all at once.

Although it is slower acting than alternative options, such as caffeine anhydrous and kola nut, the benefits guarana provides are likely to last longer.

Curcumin (114 mg)

Turmeric (Provides Curcumin)Curcumin is the key active compound in turmeric. It’s included here to prevent fat accumulation and help the liver to get rid of fat. I’ve never heard claims like this made for turmeric of curcumin but it’s not important because its presence in the formulation is unlikely to be beneficial.

Although curcumin can enhance health in many ways, the body has a problem absorbing it. Most of the curcumin people consume passes straight through them. That’s why most manufacturers combine it with black pepper extracts.

Black pepper provides a compound called piperine. Research shows piperine can boost curcumin absorption by 2,000 percent.

Anaca3+ Fat Burner fails to provide this vital pairing so the value of curcumin as an inclusion goes straight down the pan.

(10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin)


Lemon Fruit Juice Powder (100 mg)

It’s hard to say why lemon juice that has been reduced to a powder would be a good match for a formulation such as this and Nutravalia doesn’t explain its reasons for using it.

However, lemons are high in Vitamin C, which is known to benefit immune function. When you eat lemons, the fiber they provide may help fill your stomach and reduce hunger. That’s the fruit though. A tiny serving of dried fruit juice is unlikely to offer much value at all.

(6 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Lemons)


Zinc (10 mg)

Zinc is included because to help aid nutrient metabolism. It’s known to do this so it’s a valid inclusion. Zinc also plays a role in wound healing and immune function. (Further Information about Zinc)

The average adult male requires 9.5 mg of zinc per day. The average woman only requires 7 mg per day so the 10 mg provided here is more than sufficient.

However, most people get enough zinc from their normal diet. Getting too much zinc has the potential to cause copper deficiency. Should this be a cause for concern? Probably not–for most people–but you will need to be careful about using Anaca3+ Fat Burner alongside other supplements that provide zinc. The British NHS warns against taking more than 25 mg of zinc per day (from supplements) unless a doctor advises you it’s safe to do so. (Learn More at

Important Health Considerations

If you are pregnant or nursing a child, it would be unwise to use Skinny Sprinkles without getting clearance from your doctor first.

If you have an existing medical condition of any kind at all, it‘s also a good idea not to use Skinny Sprinkles without getting clearance from your doctor.

Some supplement ingredients can present interaction issues when combined with medication. It doesn’t matter if the medication has been prescribed by a doctor, a dentist, or another medical professional, don’t take any chances. Check with your doctor to make sure Skinny Sprinkles won’t interfere with the way your medication works.

*Information on the Diet Pill Ninja website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


Does Anaca3+ Fat Burner Have Honorable Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews fail to suggest Anaca3+ Fat Burner is a potent fat-burning product. Although some customers report good results and heap praise on the product’s abilities, just as many say it does not work.

Anaca3+ Fat Burner ratings and reviews


Does Anaca3+ Fat Burner Cause Side Effects?

Anaca3+ Fat Burner contains several sources of caffeine and provides 200 mg per dose. That’s enough to cause some people to experience caffeine-related side effects.

The other ingredients are unlikely to present any problems but it would be unwise to use this fat burner alongside other supplements that contain zinc without first getting a doctor’s approval.


Anaca3+ Fat Burner Vs. Anaca3+ Fat Burner Shot

People who find it difficult to swallow pills often prefer to use weight loss drinks. Anaca3+ Fat Burner Shot is an option that may appeal to you if you have this problem.

It’s called “Shot” because each dose is packed in a single-shot sachet. However, if you choose to go this route, it will entail additional expense.

Each box of Anaca3+ Fat Burner Shot only provides 14 sachets. You take one per day, so that’s a 14-day supply. That means you will need to buy two boxes a month.

Each 2-week supply of Anaca3+ Fat Burner Shot is only a few pounds cheaper than a 4-week supply of Anaca3 fat-burning diet pills.

The formula, though similar, also appears to be less potent. Instead of providing 300 mg of kola nut, it only provides 100 mg. The same is true for guarana; and the 80 mg of green tea is 220 mg less than you would get from the pills. Instead of 10 mg of zinc, the shot only provides 2.5 mg and there is no papaya or curcumin at all.

Each sachet provides 10 µg of chromium though.

Chromium is a popular diet pill ingredient that controls blood sugar and insulin. This makes it useful for preventing carb and sugar cravings after meals.


The Best Place to Buy Anaca3+ Fat Burner

If you want to buy Anaca3+ Fat Burner and get it delivered to the UK, you have a few options. You can buy order it via several French pharmacy websites or get it via Amazon UK.

Some French pharmacy websites provide information in English and allow you to purchase products using GBP instead of euros.

CocoonCenter and EasyParaPharmacie are two of the main options. However, regardless of where you buy Anaca3 products online, the price is generally the same. Expect to pay around £28 for a 30-day supply of pills (120 capsules). Postage and packing costs will increase the overall cost of buying the product but Anaca3+ Fat Burner is still a relatively cheap diet pill to buy.


Is there a Guarantee?

Anaca3+ Fat Burner does not have a money-back guarantee. None of the products in the Anaca3 range of supplements do.


Anaca3+ Fat Burner Review: Diet Pill Ninja Conclusion

The Diet Pill Ninja: Honorable Diet Pill ReviewsAnaca3+ Fat Burner appears to have greater potency than the shot equivalent but it’s not a product I can recommend.

Although it comes from a reputable company, Anaca3+ Fat Burner does not compare well to some of the alternative options.

Customer reviews suggest some users may notice favorable results but it’s very hit and miss. That’s never ideal. It’s always nice to find plenty of people making boasts about excellent results, but that’s not the case here.

If Nutravalia was offering a money-back guarantee, there would be nothing to lose by taking a chance on Anaca3, but it’s not so you probably won’t be alone if you decide to choose an alternative product instead.

However, the formulation provides 200 mg of caffeine. Research proves caffeine’s ability to boost metabolism. The formulation also contains 300 mg of green tea. It’s a proven fat burner too. So what’s gone wrong?

That’s hard to say. It’s possible some of the other ingredients, such as papaya, are reacting in ways that hold these two good fat burners back. Perhaps by interfering with their absorption. Certainly, with such a high dose of caffeine, I was surprised to see very few reports of side effects that could be stimulant-related. If something is interfering with ingredient absorption, it would explain it.

It’s also possible that the people leaving poor reviews were failing to keep their calorie intake sufficiently low. That would explain the lack of a positive buzz too. Let’s not forget, the supplement is only designed to function as a fat burner. It does not provide appetite suppression, so it would be very easy to give in to temptation and overeat.

A Good Alternative to Anaca3+ Fat Burner

Box of Capsiplex Fat BurnerSo what can you use instead of Anaca3+ Fat Burner? Capsiplex is an excellent option. It’s a powerful fat burner that controls hunger and cravings too.

Clinical trials prove the key ingredient works for fat burning and appetite control and the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

As far as the price goes, a single box of Capsiplex only costs a couple of pounds more than Anaca3+  Fat Burner. If you buy two boxes of Capsiplex, the manufacturer throws in a third box for free. That’s a very good deal.

Capsiplex is a better option than Anaca3 because it contains powerful ingredients, can be significantly cheaper if you buy two boxes and get one free, and it also has a money-back guarantee.

Buy Capsiplex or Read My Capsiplex Review

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