Ripped is a diet pill distributed by the Dutch fitness brand Health & Fit (Health&Fit). It’s cheap to buy and provides proven fat-burning ingredients.

However, the formulation contains quite a lot of caffeine. So, before you read the rest of this Body & Fit Ripped review, I need you to ask yourself how you would feel if you were to drink three (1.5 fl oz) shots of espresso coffee in rapid succession.

Could you do it? Would you want to do it?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then Body & Fit Ripped may be a good fat burner to choose.

Body & Fit Ripped caffeine content (According to

1 x Capsule = 225 – 235 mg caffeine

3 x Shots of Espresso = 231 mg Caffeine

Before going any further, I should point out Body & Fit also has a Ripped pre-workout supplement. It’s got nothing in common with Ripped fat burner. The pre-workout is a powder. It has a more complex ingredient profile that does not contain caffeine but has other stimulants instead.

This review is for Ripped fat burner, not the pre-workout supplement.


Who Makes Body & Fit Ripped?

Ripped is part of a range of sports supplements distributed by Body & Fit Sportsnutrition B.V.

The company is based in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. It was founded in 1995 and has the goal of inspiring people to live fitter and healthier lives.

In addition to its own range of supplements, Body & Fit distributes health and wellness products produced by other respected companies including Optimum Nutrition and Slimfast.

The company website also markets training accessories such as hoodies, T-shirts, and yoga mats. It’s almost a one-stop-shop for people who care about their health and fitness. Body & Fit is anything but an average supplement brand.


Promised Benefits

  • No-nonsense capsule to support the goals of body composition focused athletes
  • 225mg of caffeine per capsule to increase alertness and focus
  • Suitable for vegetarians


Who Can Use Body & Fit Ripped?

In theory, most adults should be able to use Body & Fit Ripped. The only problem is the amount of caffeine the capsules provide. I could handle it because I’m used to drinking copious amounts of coffee. Many other people will be in the same boat.

However, if you rarely consume caffeinated beverages or products, Body & Fit Ripped may make you experience jitters, nausea, headaches, and/or other caffeine-related side effects.

If you suspect or know you have a poor tolerance of stimulants, Body & Fit Ripped certainly won’t be a suitable supplement for you and it goes without saying you should not use it during pregnancy or while nursing a child.


How to Use Body & Fit Ripped

Box of Body & Fit RippedThe dose is one capsule per day. Body & Fit recommends taking the capsule in the morning or possibly before exercise. It also stresses the importance of not taking more than one capsule per day.

Taking the supplement in the morning is not a bad idea. If you can handle it, all that caffeine will help pop your eyes open and set you up for the day.

Body & Fit Ripped should also work well as a pre-workout supplement but you may have problems sleeping if you take the capsule too late in the day.

Although Body & Fit don’t make this clear, it would be unwise to use Ripped weight loss capsules alongside other sources of caffeine, such as coffee, tea, or energy drinks.

If you are a hardened caffeine junkie you may get away with it,  but overloading on caffeine is never a good idea unless you relish the idea of your heart pounding away like a sledgehammer in your chest.


How Does Body & Fit Ripped Work?

Body & Fit Ripped is primarily a stimulant-driven product. Fortunately, caffeine is the only one it contains.

Caffeine boosts energy and increases concentration and mental focus. You probably already know that. Most people do. Even if you don’t “wake up” to coffee each morning, you are probably acquainted with someone who does.

Caffeine is also a fat burner. That’s something you may not know but there’s plenty of research that proves its ability to do so.

Research shows caffeine boosts metabolism and thermogenesis. When your metabolism increases, you burn extra calories. That’s more calories during a workout and more calories when you are sitting quietly at home.

Thermogenesis is the process that generates heat within your body and causes your skin to be warm to the touch.

Heat is energy (measured in calories). By increasing thermogenesis, caffeine causes you to lose more energy to the air around you.

Caffeine is not going it alone though. Body & Fit Ripped provides a couple of other thermogenic fat burners too, along with one that provides additional weight loss support.

Things to Bear in Mind

Like other weight management products, Body & Fit Ripped is a supplement. It’s important to understand what a supplement is and never to see any form of supplement as a magic pill.

The word “supplement” refers to something you get or use in addition to something else. For instance, Some people work two jobs to “supplement” their income.

Diet pills and other weight loss supplements, supplement the efforts you are already making by controlling your diet.

In this case, it’s important not to see Body & Fit Ripped as a product that provides an excuse not to try and eat healthy foods. The pills will work best if you use them alongside a healthy diet that contains nutritious foods that are low in fat and sugar.


Body & Fit Ripped Ingredient Profile

There seems to be some confusion about the Body & Fit Ripped ingredient profile and how much caffeine it contains.

The product information page states each capsule provides 225 mg of caffeine but the label information says there is 10 mg more.

This stumped me so I investigated the matter further and, by visiting several different sites, discovered there appear to be two different ingredient profiles.

This could suggest Body & Fit has updated the formulation by increasing the caffeine content and taking an ingredient out. It may also suggest there are two different versions ‒ one for people in Europe and another for people in the UK.

Ripped Ingredient Info from (Dutch online Store)

Ripped Ingredients (Dutch Version?)


Ripped Ingredient Info from Body& (UK Version)

Body & Fit Ripped Ingredients (UK Version?)

I’m writing this Body & Fit Ripped review in English. It’s primarily for people living in the UK so I’m going to evaluate the ingredient profile for the version that targets the British Isles.


Body & Fit Ripped Ingredient Potential

​Caffeine (235 mg)

Caffeine is good for fighting diet-related fatigue and helping you to burn fat. Most of the best diet pills provide a lot less than the amount that’s included here. A dose like this is better suited to pre-workout supplements.

Although the dose here is high, some studies have involved doses up to 400 mg. A dose like that would have the average person bouncing off the walls. (


​L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (130 mg)

This ingredient provides L-Carnitine.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid-like chemical that helps the body convert fat into energy. It’s not a particularly common diet pill ingredient but it does have value.

Research suggests supplements that provide L-Carnitine L-Tartrate may also help speed up muscle recovery after exercise. (

This is a pretty low dose though and may not be sufficient to deliver any benefit.


​Green Tea Extract (120 mg)

Green tea extract is one of the most popular diet pill ingredients in the world. It’s also one of the most researched. There’s a mountain of data that shows it can boost metabolism and thermogenesis.

In addition to helping you to burn fat, green tea may also lower your cholesterol. (

The dose here is not particularly high. Many good fat burners provide significantly more. However, 120 mg should be enough to help you to burn a few extra calories.


​Green Coffee Extract (68 mg)

Green coffee beans provide chlorogenic acid. It regulates blood sugar and insulin levels. This may prevent the blood sugar fluctuations that trigger urges for sugar and carbs.

Research suggests chlorogenic acid may also speed up fat loss when taken in doses of 400 mg per day but Body & Fit Ripped only provides 68 mg. (


​Capsicum Extract (5 mg)

Red Chili PeppersCapsicum extract is a very credible diet pill ingredient. Research proves its ability to speed up metabolism and thermogenesis. (

Some research suggests capsaicin can further speed up fat loss by activating a brown adipose tissue (BAT).

BAT is just one type of body fat. Most of the fat in your body is white adipose tissue (WAT). Once activated, BAT reduces WAT helping you to lose weight faster than you were before. (

Although capsicum/capsaicin gets the most attention for its prowess as a fat burner, research shows it can help you to eat less too. (

Capsicum extract is a good ingredient, the problem here is the inclusion rate. Five milligrams is a low dose. It’s unlikely to be enough to make any difference at all.


Body & Fit Ripped Customer Reviews

The Body & Fit Ripped website has more than 300 reviews. Most of them are good but I prefer to rely on feedback from a less biased source. The reviews below are from

Body & Ripped Fat Burner - Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews Translated from Dutch to English Using Google Translate


As you can see, reviews are mixed. Some people find Ripped Fat Burner works, others claim the opposite.


Known Side Effects

Customer reviews don’t mention side effects but that’s probably because the average person using Body & Fit Ripped is used to consuming a lot of caffeine.

However, caffeine is the main ingredient and it can cause side effects.

Possible side effects could include:

  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • High blood pressure


Health Considerations

If you are pregnant or nursing a child, please don’t take any kind of supplement without getting clearance from your doctor first.

If you have an existing medical condition of any kind at all, it would also be unwise to use supplements without checking with your doctor first.

Certain supplement ingredients can present interaction issues when combined with medication. It doesn’t matter if the medication has been prescribed by a doctor, a dentist, or another medical professional. If you are taking medication, don’t use it with supplements without asking a doctor first.

*Information on the Diet Pill Ninja website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


Where to Buy Body & Fit Ripped

If you are reading this Body & Fit Ripped review from the Netherlands, you will have several options available to you. Many European online stores stock Body & Fit products.

However, if you are reading the review from the UK, and this seems highly likely, your best bet is to purchase via the manufacturer’s website.

At the time of this review (June 2021), Body & Fit Ripped only cost £8.99 per box. That’s very cheap and a big reduction from the previous price. It used to cost £14.99.

It’s a cheap diet pill and the price is even better than it appears because there are 60 capsules per box. That means each box will last for two months.

Shipping is extra but that’s not a problem. With such a low price, Body & Fit would not be able to afford to waive the postage and packaging costs.


Money-Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, Body & Fit does not provide a money-back guarantee.


Body & Fit Ripped Review: Diet Pill Ninja Conclusion

The Diet Pill Ninja: Honorable Diet Pill ReviewsI’m not a fan of fat burners that are overly reliant on caffeine. They are too likely to cause people to experience side effects.

The other problem is, the body adapts to caffeine. The same is true for other stimulants. This means it t gradually takes more and more to get the job done.

Customer reviews show some people found Body & Fit Ripped did not affect their weight. This could be part of the reason but the main culprit is probably their diets. Caffeine can help you burn extra calories but it won’t be much help if you are still pilling too many calories into your mouth.

Imagine an empty sack with a pea-size hole in the bottom. If you put in a shovel of rice it would slowly leak out.

However, if you started filling it faster, one shovel after another, the sack would soon start to fill and get fat because there would be more going in one end than was coming out the other.

Try to think of calories going in and out of your body in a similar way.

Surprisingly, customer reviews don’t mention any side effects but the average Body & Fit Ripped user is likely to be a fitness enthusiast that spends a lot of time in the gym and is used to taking caffeine-rich supplements.

Customer reviews also praise the formulation’s ability to boost energy. That’s not a surprise for a pill with so much caffeine.

However, caffeine’s benefits can reduce over time. That’s unfortunate because losing weight can be a long process. The fat-burning capabilities of this product could be greatly improved if the caffeine content was halved in favor of higher doses of green tea and capsicum extract.

As it stands, Body & Fit Ripped probably has more to offer people who are looking for a pre-workout supplement. It may even have greater value than Body & Fit’s pre-workout powder that bears the same name.

If your main goal is fat loss, this pill isn’t the best one to choose. Nor is it the best diet pill to support improvements in your overall physique but I can recommend a very good alternative option.


Phentaslim: A Good Alternative to Body & Fit Ripped

Bottle Vegan-Friendly PhentaslimIf you have taken the time to seek information about Body & Fit Ripped, there’s a good chance you are someone who trains regularly and wants to improve your body composition.

I suggest using Phentaslim instead of  Body & Fit Ripped. It’s a better alternative. Unfortunately, it’s also a more expensive alternative but bear with me. There’s plenty more to tell.

Like Body & Fit Ripped, Phentaslim provides ingredients that can boost energy and help you train. One of them is caffeine.

Phentaslim provides a little more caffeine per day than Body & Fit Ripped does but it’s split across three doses. This reduces the likelihood of side effects and helps you enjoy the benefits of longer-lasting stimulation.

The formulation also provides greater doses of green tea and cayenne. There are a lot of other credible ingredients as well including B vitamins to further increase energy and zinc to boost testosterone and help your muscles to grow.

If you are trying to lose fat and improve your physique, Phentaslim can help you do it and there’s no need to worry about poor results or losing money because Phentaslim has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Buy Phentaslim               Read My Phentaslim Review

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