Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules are part of a range of health and wellness supplements manufactured in the UK by Evolution Slimming. The company has been developing and distributing high-quality supplements since 2007 and ships its products to customers all over the world.

As with a lot of companies, some of Evolution Slimming’s products stand out as being better than others. Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss  Capsules are one of the weight management aids that have the most to offer.

As the name suggests the key ingredient comes from chilli peppers. If you are not familiar with the weight loss potential of the ingredient, don’t worry. I will be going into this in further detail later on in this review.

Evolution Slimming also produces two more Slim Kick products:

  • Slim Kick Night
  • Slim Kick Patch

Slim Kick Night is a night-time fat burner and Slim Kick Patch is a skin patch that’s designed to provide 24-hour weight loss support. Each option is available to buy individually and it’s also possible to buy them as weight management combos and packs.

Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules are the original Slim Kick product and it’s these I am going to concentrate on in this review. However, I may review the other two Slim Kick options at a later date.


Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Capsules: The Promised Benefits

  • Helps to boost metabolism with the power of hot chilli peppers
  • May help to suppress appetite and prevent hunger and cravings
  • Provides antioxidants with green Tea extract
  • Increases your energy levels naturally
  • Suitable for vegans


How to Use Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules

Bottle of Slim Kick Chilli Fat Burner (Day Time Capsules)According to the Evolution Slimming website, the dose is 1-2 Slim Kick capsules each morning. There are 60 capsules in a bottle so each one should provide a 30-60 day treatment, depending on how many capsules you take.

There is nearly 200 mg of caffeine in each capsule. Taking two capsules at once would deliver close to 400 mg of caffeine all at once. That’s may be too much for some people. It’s like drinking four cups of coffee back to back so, if you decide to use this product, I suggest you begin with only one capsule for the first two or three days. After that, see how you feel.

Experts suggest consuming no more than 400 mg of caffeine a day. Two Slim Kick capsules deliver that much so it would be wise to avoid other sources of caffeine such as coffee and energy drinks.

However, if you have a low caffeine tolerance, Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules will not be a good option to choose. Consider using Leanbean instead.

NOTE: Evolution Slimming points out your body may feel slightly warmer than normal while you are using Slim Kick Weight Loss Capsules. If this occurs, it is nothing to be worried about. It’s simply a physical indication that the capsules have increased thermogenesis.


How the Slim Kick Day Time Formulation Works

Slim Kick helps you to lose more weight than you would be able to lose by diet and exercise alone. It achieves this by increasing thermogenesis. Diet pills that work this way are often referred to as thermogenic fat burners.

The formulation also makes losing weight less unpleasant by subduing hunger.

I shouldn’t need to explain the value of appetite suppression. You probably already appreciate how helpful it is. However, if you want to learn more about the role of appetite suppressants in weight loss, I have an article on this subject elsewhere on this site.

The way increasing thermogenesis helps you to lose weight is a little more complicated to explain.

Thermogenesis is the biological process that generates heat within the body. It’s happening 24 hours a day. That’s why the skin of living human beings feels warm when you touch it.

Certain natural compounds increase thermogenesis. By doing so, they help you to lose extra energy as heat. This increases metabolism, causing you to burn more calories per day.


Things to Bear in Mind

Like other weight management products, Evolution Slimming Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules are a supplement. It’s important to understand what a supplement is and never to see any supplements as magic pills.

The word “supplement” refers to something you get or use in addition to something else. For instance, Some people work two jobs to “supplement” their income.

Diet pills and other weight loss supplements, supplement the efforts you are already making by controlling your diet.

In this case, it’s important not to see Evolution Slimming SlimKick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules as an excuse not to try and eat healthy foods. The pills will work best if you use them alongside a healthy diet that contains nutritious foods that are low in fat and sugar.


Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Capsules: List of Ingredients

Two Slim Kick capsules provide:

Green Tea
Black Pepper Extract
390 mg
80 mg
54 mg
40 mg
18 mg
4 mg


Slim Kick Chili Day Time Capsules Formula Evaluation

It would have been nice to see a little less caffeine and a tad more cayenne or green tea but, the inclusion rates are okay and the Slim Kick formulation is not carrying any dead weight.


Caffeine (390 mg)

Caffeine is a popular supplement ingredient that’s more versatile than a lot of people think. In addition to boosting energy levels and enhancing alertness, caffeine also increases thermogenesis. There’s plenty of research that shows caffeine is a fat burner that works.

Here’s a link to a study that shows the effect a single 100 mg dose of caffeine had on obese and post-obese human volunteers:


Green Tea Extract (80 mg)

Green TeaMost people are aware green tea provides many health benefits. However, fewer people know about its abilities as a weight loss aid. I’ll be honest about this and say I didn’t know about the relationship between green tea and weight loss either. I only found out about it when I began doing research for diet pill reviews. That’s a long time ago and, as the years have passed, I continue to learn more. So do the scientists because research is ongoing.

Most of green tea’s health benefits are due to the antioxidants it provides. These are known as green tea catechins.

Over the years I have often posted links to a study conducted in 1999 because it illustrates green tea’s ability to 24-hour energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans. I’m going to do the same again:

I’ve linked to many similar studies too. However, as I stated, research is ongoing. So here is a link to a more recent study, published in October 2020:

I have not used this one before because I only recently found out about the study. The data confirms green tea’s ability to “significantly” reduce body mass and waist circumference. It’s a systematic review of numerous clinical trials.


Carnitine (54 mg)

Carnitine (L-carnitine) is an amino acid. Like similar amino acids, it’s one of the building blocks your body requires to create muscle. Carnitine serves other roles in the body as well and is often associated with weight loss.

The relationship between Carnitine and weight loss has been well studied. However, although some data suggests it’s effective, other data suggests it is not.

In 2019, researchers conducted a systematic review of the clinical evidence available at the time. Data from the review suggests that carnitine in supplements might be effective for weight loss and may offer the most value to people who are overweight or obese.

It seems to me that further research is still required. However, carnitine plays a critical role in energy production so, regardless of any other abilities, it’s still a useful diet pill ingredient that may help prevent diet-related fatigue.

(Further Information:


Cayenne (40 mg)

Chili Peppers ( A Source of Capsaicin)This is the main ingredient so it may surprise you to see such a low inclusion rate. Don’t worry, though, cayenne is a potent fat burner and the dose provided here is okay.

The key active compound in cayenne is capsaicin. It’s been well researched. Some studies show its ability to increase fat loss, metabolism, and thermogenesis. Other studies show the capsaicin in cayenne further supports weight loss by suppressing appetite.

Over the years, I’ve linked to many reviews that show cayenne is a diet pill ingredient that works. I have recently discovered a study published online in 2017. I’m going to start linking to it more instead because it provides such a lot of information.

The study is very detailed. It provides links and data from many clinical trials that show capsaicin can increase fat loss and decrease appetite.

Additionally, the study provides information about other ways capsaicin supports weight loss, including browning adipose tissue.

This study taught me something new. Apparently, capsaicin further helps with weight loss by supporting improvements in the gut microbiome.

Here is a link to the study:


Niacin (18 mg)

Niacin is Vitamin B3. B vitamins are common additions to energy drinks because they help the body extract energy from food. This is another inclusion that should allow Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules to offer protection from diet-related fatigue.

Some studies suggest niacin may also directly support fat loss but they were conducted on animals, not people. It appears to me that there is a need for a lot more research in this area.

However, niacin is also a vasodilator. That’s a fancy way of saying it relaxes the blood vessels. By doing this it reduces blood pressure and improves circulation. This helps the muscles and organs benefit from a better supply of blood.


Black Pepper Extract (4 mg)

Black pepper provides piperine. It’s an alkaloid that improves ingredient absorption rates. Although 4 mg may seem a low dose, Evolution Slimming is using a high-potency black pepper extract that’s standardised to be 95% piperine. Normal black pepper extracts are less than 10% piperine so this is pretty good stuff.


Health Considerations

If you are pregnant or nursing a child, please don’t take any kind of supplement without getting clearance from your doctor first.

If you have an existing medical condition of any kind at all, it would also be unwise to use supplements without checking with your doctor first.

Certain supplement ingredients can present interaction issues when combined with medication. It doesn’t matter if the medication has been prescribed by a doctor, a dentist, or another medical professional. If you are taking medication, don’t use it with supplements without asking a doctor first.

*Information on the Diet Pill Ninja website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, the Evolution Slimming website appears to be the only source of customer reviews. That’s not great. I prefer to put my trust in reviews provided by unbiased third-party sites instead of manufacturer’s websites.

However, the experiences people are reporting are pretty much what I would expect to see from a formulation such as this.

Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules: Customer Ratings and Reviews


Slim Kick Side Effects

None of the customer reviews mention side effects but Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules are a source of caffeine. That means side effects such as headaches, jitters, and palpitations are not impossible. However, if you have a low tolerance of caffeine that makes you prone to these types of reactions, the chances are you will already know it and would have stopped reading this review a long time ago.

It’s worth remembering two Slim Kick capsules provide nearly 400 mg of caffeine. Taking the capsules alongside tea, coffee, energy drinks, or other sources of caffeine will greatly increase the risk of side effects.


The Best Place to Buy Evolution Slimming Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules

If you want to buy Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules online, the best option is to get them via the Evolution Slimming website. Buying direct will enable you to be certain you are getting the genuine product.

In the UK and certain other countries, it’s also possible to buy the product via Amazon but this can be considerably more expensive.

When I last updated this review (November 2022), the price on the Evolution Slimming website was discounted down to only £19.99. That’s cheap but I must point out Evolution Slimming does not provide a money-back guarantee.

However, Evolution Slimming generally does offer plenty of discounts. On the day I visited the site to check the price information, the site was offering a 20% off discount code for the entire weekend.

When you arrive on the site for the first time you may also get a pop-up offer that allows you to grab a 10% discount for entering your email and joining the Evolution slimming mailing list.

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Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules Review: Diet Pill Ninja Conclusion

The Diet Pill Ninja: Honorable Diet Pill ReviewsSlim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules provide three thermogenic fat burning ingredients that have proven capabilities ‒ caffeine, cayenne, and green tea.

I do not doubt its ability to help people to improve their weight loss results. Of course, you will need to stick to a sensible diet but the appetite-curbing ability of cayenne should make it easier for you to do this.

In addition to boosting metabolism, the caffeine in Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules should also help you to avoid diet-related fatigue.

The carnitine and niacin the supplement provides will help with this too and also give you a little extra oomph to throw into exercise if that’s what you wish to do.

Customer reviews suggest buyin Slim Kick Chilli Day Time Weight Loss Capsules is a good supplement too. I am happy to recommend these diet pills to anyone who needs help to lose weight and has normal caffeine tolerance.

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